Opera Hotel is situated in one of the oldest hotel buildings in Riga.

The building, erected in 1884 – 1885 in the eclectic style according to the project of the famous Latvian architect Jānis Frīdrihs Baumanis, has been performing the function of a high-level hotel from the very beginnings, i.e., for almost 135 years.

In the middle of the 19th century Riga undergoes major changes, turning from a medieval fortress into a modern European city. Instead of the former fortifications, the project of the excellent architects J.D. Felsko and O.Dietze is implemented, which envisages the creation of large parks and boulevards, significant public buildings and luxurious rental houses in eclectic style.

The street, where the current hotel “OPERA” was built, at that time was named Troņmantnieka boulevard, in honour of the son of the Russian Emperor Alexander II, the later Russian Emperor Alexander III.
However, in 1920, the street was renamed to Rainis boulevard, in honour of one of the greatest Latvian poets and public figures Rainis (real name Jānis Pliekšāns, 1865–1929).

On February 27, 1880, Jēkabs Berkholcs, a merchant of the Second Guild of Riga, purchased a plot of land, owned by the city of Riga, and applied for permission to begin the construction of a stone building on his property. The residential building at Raiņa boulevard 33 was built in 1884–1885, according to the project of the architect J. F. Baumanis, shortly afterwards rebuilt for the needs of the hotel. J. F. Baumanis was the first academically educated Latvian architect known for his eclectic style buildings in the circle of Riga boulevards.

1920s Station Square. On the right – the Dinaburg railway station, on the left – St. Alexander Nevsky Church. Behind the railway station building – Hotel “Bellevue” at Raiņa boulevard 33.
In the 1920s this hotel was a popular destination for Soviet Russia diplomats and couriers. In May 1920, negotiations on peace treaty between Soviet Russia and Poland were held in the hotel’s premises (negotiations held by Kirov on the Russian side).

1930s. Riga, Marijas street near the Station Square. On the right – shops and the ticket office of the railway station. On the left – Hotel “Bellevue” at Raiņa boulevard 33. In the 1930s, the hotel building was renovated and featured Art Deco elements. According to an advertisement published in 1939, there are “cheap, pleasant rooms with a telephone in each room, rooms have a bathtub, running hot and cold water. In the restaurant [basement] – concerts, dance in public”.

1950-1961 – the name of the hotel was “Stalingrad”. The newspaper “Cīņa” No. 2 (03.01.1956) writes: “Hotel “Stalingrad” is located in the city centre, opposite the Riga station. From its windows guests are enjoying the beautiful streets, the Station Square…”
1955. Railway station “Riga Station”. On the left – Hotel “Stalingrad” at Raiņa boulevard 33.

1971, the Station Square with parking lot and 43-meter-high Station Clock Tower. In the past, the station clock also served as a water tower for the water supply system at the Station. On the right – hotel “Baltija”, Raiņa boulevard 33.
Since 1961, the name of the hotel has been “Baltija”, offering guests of Riga 185 bed-places. The hotel had a cafe “Labrīt” (24 seats), a canteen, a hairdressing salon and a clothing repair shop. The store “Gastronomija” was located on the first floor of the building.

In February 2005, the company “Arhitektu birojs Vecumnieks & Bērziņi” started design works for the renovation of the building. In January 2007, under the guidance of the project’s leading architect Dainis Bērziņš, the design was completed and just after that the renovation works began. The interior designer Eva Staņēviča was responsible for the design of the hotel. As the hotel have Art Deco interiors preserved and the building is a cultural monument of local significance, the designer developed this project as a combination of history and modern technology, everyday comfort and luxury.
In 2008, after the reconstruction of the building, the four-star hotel “Nordic Hotel Bellevue” was opened.

In 2010, the Opera Hotel & Spa was opened, which got its name mainly due to the location of the hotel, which is adjacent to the Latvian National Opera and with which the hotel has established a successful cooperation.